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Jun 8, 2023



This is a feature-rich widget making it a diverse choice for many different kinds of one-page projects. Having tooltips is helpful for increase nav clarification.

How it works : Create Sections and assign IDs to them. Drop the Scroll Navigation widget on your page and assign your section IDs to each of the repeater items (one item per section)


  • 5 different preset styles
  • Animations for Menu Content
  • Tooltips
  • Background can be styled with color or image, use of box-shadow etc.. Scroll Offset allows you to hide the navigation until a certain number of pixels have been scrolled
  • Many additional options and styles


  • Vertical scrolling only


One Page Scroll Navigation

Best widget for creation of one page scroll navigation to give feel of one page and easy to navigate on long page. It?s most popular web design trend to have one page websites and this widget will improve UX by having nice scroll navigation.

  • Offset Options
  • 5+ Unique Styles
  • Responsive Options
  • Unlimited Possibilities


  1. Scroll Direction : Vertical

  2. Menu Position : 8 Positions - Vertical (Right or Left), Horizontal (Top or Bottom)

  3. Menu Content : Icons (including Fontawesome) with animations

  4. Section Content : Sections you create

  5. Other : (1) Tooltips (2) Background styling (3) Scroll Offset

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