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The implementation of this feature is unlike any of the other One-Page Navigation widgets. This is actually an extension and not a widget. With a little help from the documentation, you can auto-scroll between the existing Sections on the page without having to assign Section IDs.

How it works : This is unique in that it’s an extension to the Page Settings of any page. Set the class of each section (same class) and the Snap Scroll will auto move between sections on scroll.


  • A huge amount of control and diversity of presentation of the nav
  • 9 Menu Content items
  • Auto scrolls without having to create different section IDs
  • Show the title of the section when scrolling, hover or active
  • Choose to show/update the hash in the browser URL


  • Vertical scroll only
  • Menu Position is left only
  • It’s a little more complicated to understand initially and reference to documentation is needed


Page Snap Scroll

The Page Snap Scroll extension allows you to apply a snap effect between the page sections. By writing the ID in the section/row, you get clickable navigation elements that become popup labels.
There are several configurable graphic styles for navigation:

  • Dynamic
  • Dots
  • Bars
  • Vertical Bars
  • Lines
  • Squares
  • Circles
  • Circles with lines
  • Triangles
  • Icons


  1. Scroll Direction : Vertical

  2. Menu Position : 1 Position - Middle Left

  3. Menu Content : 9 Presets (dots, bars, vertical lines, lines, squares, SVG and more)*

  4. Section Content : Sections you create

  5. Other : (1) Show the title of the section when scrolling, hover or active (2) Choose to show/update the hash in the browser URL

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