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May 12, 2022


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All-in-one addons for Elementor

You don’t need to waste your time and money anymore.

We know your demands for building a perfect website. You will find all the functionalities of your imagination here.

85+ powerful widgets & extensions
Every widget & extension can be disabled! If you don’t need something, just disable it and no assets will be loaded. So, you can reduce the extra loading time. Leverage the best addons pack for the Elementor page builder. Elementskit – ultimate Elementor addons package with lots of other features.


Last Update: February 7, 2022

A Powerhouse of Interactive, Super Fast and Scalable Design System

Bring Your Creative Web Designing Imaginations to life with Happy Elementor Addons – a complete package for every level of users. With its extraordinary features, now you can do stuff once possible only by professionals.



Last Update: December 22, 2021

Many features | Weekly Update | Quick Support


Last Update: February 7, 2022

Build your custom Mega Menu with Elementor.

  • Add Any Content-Type to Mega Menu
  • Create stores
  • Horizontal, Vertical & Hamburger Menus
  • Mobile First
  • Select Animation Layout

Last Update: April 29, 2022

Design any website you can imagine with Mighty Addons & Elementor. Currently, we have more than 30 Elementor widgets and an ever growing library of templates and sections.


Last Update: February 7, 2022

Enrich Your Addon Experience With Elements Ready

90+ Free And Pro Widgets To Save Time And Efforts
Elements Ready Comes Up With Ultimate Elementor Blocks And Widgets. Ready Section And Flexible Option Makes It More Efficient For The Users.

Tailored With Extended Elementor Options
A Powerhouse Of Interactive, Super Fast And Scalable Control System

Enrich Your Web Dev Experience.
Elementor Widgets, You Can Be Used To Create A More Enjoyable Web Development Experience. ElementsReady Widgets Can Help You In A Number Of Ways.

Ready Templates & Sections
Using ElementsReady Import Export Options And Libray, Now Its Easier To Create A Section Or Block Even A Page.




Last Update: November 22, 2021

Best Elementor Addons
Build Website Like Never Before

Exclusive addons for Elementor is packed with a bunch of exclusively designed widget for Elementor with all the customization options you’ll ever need

85+ Widgets and Extensions



Last Update: December 7, 2021

JetCompare&Wishlist. Must-have for online stores.

Compare products by any data
Set the parameters by which you want to compare the products

Display well-organized wishlists
Style up the structure and looks of products wishlist according to your goal

Add Compare and Wishlist buttons
With Compare and Wishlist buttons the visitors will easily add a product into a list

Show the Compare and Wishlist count
Let the customers know the number of times a product was added into a list


Last Update: April 29, 2022

Meet the basic must-have widgets for Elementor

Perfect for easy designs – Use JetElements to create high-end designs faster and easier.

Allows adding most types of content – With such a variety of widgets, you can add any content you want.

Fits for both static and dynamic elements – Most of the widgets support dynamic fields from JetEngine.


Last Update: April 29, 2022

HTMega is an absolute addon for elementor that includes 80+ elements & 360 Blocks with unlimited variations. HT Mega brings limitless possibilities. Embellish your site with the elements of HT Mega.

  • 360 Elementor Blocks
  • 38 Categories and 91 Page Templates.
  • Drag n Drop, No coding Required
  • Responsive, supports all major devices

Last Update: November 15, 2021

Design Complex Filtering Structures Easily

JetSmartFilters plugin for Elementor lets you layer a search hierarchy on your own. Use various Filter types to work out the basic concept and add extra power to it with Additional widgets.

Set Advanced Filters to Hit Any Niche

Make the Filtering More User-Oriented

Develop a Faceted Search System for your project

Apply the Hierarchy Select Principle

Enable Additional Providers to boost user experience

Benefit by seamless integration


Last Update: April 29, 2022

Premium Addons for Elementor – Elementor’s Most Innovative Companion

Discover The Awesomeness 60+ Elementor Widgets & Addons
Supercharge your Elementor Page Builder with 60+ highly customizable Widgets, Add-ons, and Global Features that will give you the ability to build sophisticated websites in less time with no coding skills required. Both Elementor and Premium Addons plugins will take your WordPress website to the next level.

Lottie Animations Integration
ALL our Elementor widgets and add-ons now Now support Lottie Animations. Whatever widget that has image or icon option, Now has an option to add a Lottie animation. Lottie animations are open source, lightweight and available for free, Use them now to make your Elementor pages more eye-catching.

Freehand Design Experience
Following Elementor’s steps, we’ve implemented freehand design experience in many widgets and addons to make it easier to design amazing layouts using your mouse.

Elementor Premium Templates
Ever-growing Elementor Templates Library Available on both Premium Addons’ Free and PRO versions. Browse, preview, and insert the template you like in your page or post with just ONE click.

Elementor Widgets & Section Addons
Besides adding new widgets on monthly bases, we don’t mainly focus on the number, we focus on adding as much customization options to our widgets as possible more than anywhere else.


Last Update: March 16, 2022

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