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May 24, 2022



This would be our second choice for the perfect Elementor Unfold widget. It comes with plenty of features which makes it very versatile for any project (see our first).


  • Very diverse with many options to suit many different types of projects
  • Content allows for a Template
  • Toggle Button can be at the top of the content (Unique)
  • When unfolded, an additional button can be added to link to another location
  • Content can be faded as it approaches the bottom of the widget, and with a color setting.


  • Pro – Not Free
  • Title is not really necessary as you can add your own heading widget. As you can’t disable it, it may leave unneeded DOM



Hide your content and Expand that on click to show more information. You can use this widget in elementor to show information with title and description as well as with elementor template.

Different Alignment & Button with Icon Options
Responsive Height & Gradient Divider
Use Normal Content or Elementor Template
View More Link Option on Expand State


  1. Title : Yes

  2. Content : Text Editor, Template

  3. Toggle : Button, Icon

  4. Toggle Position : Bottom, Top

  5. Fold Height : Yes

  6. Fold/Unfold Duration : Yes

  7. Fold/Unfold Easing : Yes

  8. Extras : Extra Button, Content Fade w/ Color

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