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May 24, 2022



We recommend this addon as it provides the most diversity for styling and visuals, from Horizontal  AND Vertical Step orientation, the heavily customizable/alignable Badge, and the Directional”Arrow” can be a standard arrow or any other image you choose.


  • Horizontal and Vertical orientation
  • Use images, icons, or text as the Step Visual
  • Preset “layouts”
  • Works really well with their Carousel Anything widget i.e click a step and it changes another image on the page
  • Unlimited steps per widget
  • Great responsive options, so the steps transform perfectly into  a vertical orientation
  • You can customize the Badge content/ alignment
  • Minimum height can be set
  • Customize the “directional” arrow/line/separator


  • Paid addon, only through their PRO package



Special Widget made for showcase process/steps with unique layout variations. It have text indicator, special steps styles and more customizability options.

  • Horizontal & Vertical Options
  • Special Responsive Variations
  • Unlimited Customisations
  • Cross Browser Support


Steps / Step Flow


  1. Orientation : Horizontal, Vertical

  2. Step Visual : Icon, Image, Text*

  3. Badge : Yes - heavily customized, multiple locations*

  4. Direction Indicator : Arrow, Any Image

  5. Extras :

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Starter - 1 Website
Professional - 3 Websites
Studio - Unlimited Websites


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