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Jun 8, 2023



Hands down, this widget has the most features from ordering, showing counts, hiding empty taxonomies, layouts, and even includes a carousel option.

Definitely consider this one as it can apply to so many different projects.


  • Great for more visually pleasing lists – not just a text list.
  • Very robust and includes all the features you may want – many layouts, a carousel option, and presets
  • Only widget with effects like tilt and parallax


  • Can be a little buggy in the Elementor editor


Dynamic Category

Show categories or taxonomy listing of any custom post type in style using listing methods like Grid, Masonry, Metro and Carousel options and on top of that, there is options for 3d Parallax, Mouse move parallax and Messy columns.

  • 2 Unique Styles With 3 Layouts
  • Grid, Masonry, Metro, Carousel Options
  • Parallax, Tilt, and Messy Columns
  • Works with any Custom Post Type.



  1. Category Type : All Taxonomies

  2. Content : Titles, Image, Description

  3. Include/Exclude? : Include by IDs

  4. Order : Yes

  5. Counts : Yes

  6. Hide Empty? : Yes

  7. Presets : Yes (Styles)

  8. Layouts : Grid, Masonry, Metro, Carousel*

  9. Effects : Parallax, Tilt, and Messy Columns*

  10. Carousel : Yes

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