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Sep 12, 2022



Piotnet’s approach to unfolding content is unlike any other. Turning this feature on adds an extension to almost any widget, allowing you to make its content unfold. We tested it on the Text Editor, Image, and Video widgets, and it worked perfectly.

It does require a little manual work to coordinate the unfolding widget with the widgets you’ll use to trigger the unfold/fold (like a button), but it’s well worth it.


  • It’s an extension to almost any Elementor widget, so you can fold any type of content you’ve used this extension on
  • You can set the Toggle to any kind of widget as well, making the type of toggle very diverse, as well as putting it anywhere on the page you’d like


  • Requires adding a slug ID to the unfolding widget and trigger widgets, so it may feel a little intimidating to those that prefer not to get too technical


Toggle Content (Readmore Content)

Unfold and toggle to increase the viewing size of any widget.


  1. Title : No

  2. Content : Unlimited Types

  3. Toggle : Unlimited Types

  4. Toggle Postition : Anywhere

  5. Fold Height : Yes

  6. Fold/Unfold Duration : Yes

  7. Fold/Unfold Easing : Yes

  8. Extras : Extension to any widget

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