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Rob Lilley

I’m Rob Lilley and if you’re like me you’ve spent hours and hours searching for the right Elementor widgets and extensions for your websites – using way more time than you ever wanted!

With so many plugins for Elementor now, finding just the right widget or extension has become a full-time job! And most of us just don’t have that kind of time if we want to be profitable with our websites.

I looked for a simple tool that would allow me to search for a button widget, info box, bar chart, or any other of the hundreds of widgets and extensions, and see every variation out there, all in one place. I could then easily compare and contrast them to find just the right one.

But no such tool existed, and who would take the time to compile and gather all the widgets and extensions from all over the web? There are just so many.

So I decided to do it 🙂 

It’s been a lot of work, but I’ve saved tons of time using this tool and I wanted others to reap the benefits too.

As Elementor is ever-changing, so is this site – more and more widgets, extensions and plugins are being added every day.

Membership is currently FREE, and being a member allows you to save your favorite widgets and extensions for reference later as well as add comments to help others.

Members also get emails from time to time about new widgets and extensions, and other cool Elementor things I come across. Feel free to sign-up for membership here if you’d like.

This site is helped paid for through the affiliate programs of the various plugin developers, so if you do find a widget or extension you like through here, please use the links from this site when you purchase. Your support is always appreciated!


A Massive Thanks To...

I’d also like to thank many of the “greats” in the Elementor tribe that have helped me make sites like this. You probably know who they are, but let me mention a few of them:


Paul C of WPTuts
Paul creates amazing practical videos focused on the “how” instead of just the “what”. I’ve learned more from Paul than I could have ever discovered on my own, and his videos always seem to be about the very thing I’m trying to figure out! Thank you Paul.


Adam Preiser of WPCrafter

Always on top of the latest and greatest in the Elementor world. Every video he does is worth the time to watch.


Dave Foy of Design Build Web

Without his No Stress WordPress course, I would have given up a long time ago! Everyone knows and loves Dave.


Bjorn Allpas of WPLearningLab
I’ve learned a lot from Bjorn and his videos continue to be incredibly practical and informative.


And of course Elementor themselves…


I hope you’re able to use this site as much as I do, and save hundreds of hours finding the perfect Elementor widgets and extensions for your websites. If you have any questions or comments on how I could make this site better for you, drop me a line.

Other Resources and People I enjoy!

Here are a few other resources and people I enjoy and appreciate:

Joseph Quinn

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